Wine-making top quality wines

(Delicia de Baco and Marvellous)

photo 10. Wineries in Hervias.

We begin by hand-picking grapes from vines that were planted by our grandfathers and great-grandfathers, which are then transported in 15 kg boxes to our “signature” winery in the village of Hervías.

After visual separation on the selection table, the grapes are placed in French oak tubs with a capacity of 2,000 kg (photo 10). Fermentation is closely controlled with systems that recirculate water inside the tubs. During fermentation, we punch the cap manually to cause grape skins to sink.
Malolactic fermentation takes place in small capacity foudres (photo 13) and in French oak barrels. This highly select wine then begins its aging process in our special room for “top-of-the-range oaks” (photo 12). This process takes about 15 months, during which time the wine is racked every 3 months.
The end result is then bottled and left to rest and refine in the bottle-store at our winery for a minimum of 15 months (photo 11) until it is ready to go on sale. We are aware that not all years are going to be great wines, which means that there are some years in which the wine never reaches the market.

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